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RIDINGX Male Torso Sex Doll featuring Replaceable Dildo technology & Individual Floating Testicles Realistic Cock.We only use the highest quality materials. We ensure every torso dildo is created from Platinum Grade Silicone, making it an easy and safe option for your body.In addition, you can also choose X Dildo series Compatible with RIDINGX of dildos to allow you to enjoy a more exciting sexual experience.


Tom - 28lb | Tan


Tom - Unboxing


Chris - 14lb | White


Chris - 14lb | Brown


Tom - Unboxing


Chris - 14lb | White


Chris - 14lb | Brown


Ridingx's Male Torso Sex doll

You’ve Discovered the World’s Best Male Torso Sex Doll

RidingX , the pinnacle of realism and luxury in the world of sex dolls. We sets a new standard for excellence with its platinum-grade silicone construction and ultra-realistic design, offering a replaceable realistic dildo design and lifelike detail that surpasses product all around the world.

RidingX exceptional Quality : Product use of platinum-grade silicone. Premium material not only ensures durability and longevity but also provides softness and flexibility. When you touch Riding X sex doll , you'll be amazed by its lifelike skin texture and realistic feel, making it indistinguishable from the touch of a real human.

RidingX focus more than quality materials – it's about attention to detail. Riding X artisans team has meticulously crafted each sex doll to perfection, paying close attention to every curve, contour, and feature to create a truly lifelike appearance. From the delicate lines of the muscle to the subtle nuances of the skin, every aspect of Riding X has been meticulously sculpted to capture the essence of beauty and sensuality.

One of the key features that sets Riding X apart is its ultra-realistic design. Unlike other brands that may sacrifice realism for saving cost, Riding X spares no expense in creating a truly authentic experience. Our dolls feature realistic skin tones, and intricate details such as veins, and moles, ensuring that each sex doll is as unique and individual as the person it represents.

RidingX is more than just a product – it's a statement of sophistication and discernment. It's for those who demand the best in every aspect of their lives, including their intimate relationships. With Riding X , you're not just buying a sex doll – you're embracing a lifestyle of passion and indulgence. But don't just take our word for it – experience the difference for yourself. Treat yourself to the ultimate in platinum-grade silicone sex dolls and discover a world of pleasure and satisfaction that you never knew existed. Riding X – We focus on sex riding and now Let The Riding Begin.

RIDINGX Sex Doll Torso Advantages

 Real Feeling | Real Skin | Best Quality

Replaceable Dildo 90 Days Warranty Not Easy to Break 
Easy to Clean Easy to Sterilized Not Easy to Breed Bacteria
Silicone Material No Smell Real Cock Skin Design

FAQs About RIDINGX Sex Doll Torso

Is RIDINGX safe for oral sex?

  • RIDINGX male torso sexdoll & Dildo are made of safe and non-toxic Silicone materials, it is safe for oral sex.No odor, no plastic smell. It will make your oral sex very pleasurable.
  • (Note: If it is a male torso sexdoll made of TPE material, oral sex will cause you to vomit and feel disgusted.)

What is Riding Dildo Way?

When it comes to sexual pleasure, there are countless options available to explore. One such option that has gained popularity in recent years is riding dildo way. But what exactly is riding dildo way and what are its benefits? In this blog post, we will delve into the world of riding dildo way and discuss its advantages.

What is Riding Dildo Way?

Riding dildo way refers to the act of using a specially designed dildo that is meant to be ridden. These dildos are typically equipped with a sturdy base or suction cup that allows for hands-free use. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to different preferences.

1. Enhanced Stimulation

One of the key benefits of riding dildo way is the enhanced stimulation it provides. The design of these dildos allows for deeper penetration and targeted stimulation of erogenous zones. Whether you prefer G-spot or prostate stimulation, riding dildo way can help you achieve intense pleasure.

2. Improved Control

Riding dildo way gives you complete control over the pace, depth, and angle of penetration. This level of control allows you to customize your experience and explore different sensations. You can experiment with different movements and find what works best for you.

3. Hands-Free Pleasure

Unlike traditional dildos, riding dildo way offers a hands-free experience. The sturdy base or suction cup allows you to attach the dildo to a flat surface, freeing up your hands for other activities. This can be particularly useful for individuals who enjoy simultaneous stimulation or prefer a more realistic experience.

4. Strengthens Pelvic Muscles

Riding dildo way can also have a positive impact on your pelvic muscles. The act of riding and thrusting helps to strengthen these muscles, which can lead to improved bladder control and more intense orgasms. Regular use of riding dildo way can contribute to overall pelvic health.

5. Solo and Partner Play

Riding dildo way is a versatile option that can be enjoyed both solo and with a partner. It can add excitement and variety to your solo play sessions, allowing you to explore different sensations and fantasies. Additionally, incorporating riding dildo way into partnered play can enhance intimacy and pleasure for both partners.


Riding dildo way offers a range of benefits, from enhanced stimulation to improved control and pelvic muscle strength. Whether you are looking to spice up your solo play or add excitement to your partnered experiences, riding dildo way can be a valuable addition to your sexual repertoire. Remember to always choose a dildo that suits your preferences and use plenty of lubrication for a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

What Has RidingX Accomplished?

  • Through a comprehensive analysis of data and consulting with sexual wellness experts, RidingX has made significant strides in the realm of torso dildo products. Our brand philosophy revolves around delivering high-quality products and dedicated services to cater to the needs of Torso Dildo enthusiasts.

  • From meticulous material selection and intricate Torso Dildo design to partnering with reputable manufacturing facilities, engaging with product experience specialists through platforms such as YouTube, Pornhub, Xvideos, OnlyFans, and establishing a warehouse in the United States with ample stock for prompt deliveries, RidingX has garnered positive reviews, allowing us to confidently bring our products to market.

  • We prioritize customer satisfaction and, as a testament to our confidence in product quality, we offer a 90-day warranty along with hassle-free return and exchange services. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our product, we stand by our commitment to a 100% refund policy. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority, and you need not worry about wasting your hard-earned money.

Why Ridingx Choose Silicone Over Tpe?

  • At present, the two most common materials in the adult doll market are silicone and TPE. Especially in the torso doll , TPE, and even other inferior materials, are often used, with extremely rough craftsmanship.
  • In fact, TPE, as a long-standing material, has been favored by users for its softness and relatively low cost. However, over time and with continuous technological advancements, silicone dolls are becoming increasingly popular. In comparison to TPE dolls, silicone dolls are generally more realistic and finely crafted.
  • Why choose silicone? Because you deserve the best. It's as simple as that. Upholding an unwavering spirit of innovation, we liberate you from the quagmire of false advertising and mediocre experiences. We offer you high-quality silicone dolls designed with a luxury ethos, and the prices are irresistibly competitive.
  • TPE Sex Dolls:
    TPE is a soft and elastic material, suitable for squeezing, but it does have certain limitations. It is cheaper than silicone but is prone to staining with dark pigments, and the body art may not be as realistic or durable. TPE is easily torn or punctured with rough handling and cannot be exposed to heating devices. Additionally, TPE sex dolls may secrete skin oils, making them challenging to clean. These factors must be considered when choosing a torso sex doll made from TPE.
  • Silicone Sex Dolls:
    As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, silicone dolls have an outstanding visual realism compared to TPE. Silicone sex dolls boast numerous advantages that set them apart from TPE alternatives. They are easy to clean and maintain, have durable body art, heat resistance, and a long lifespan. However, it's worth noting that they may be relatively more expensive, and their material may feel slightly firmer than TPE. Typically, the price of a full-body silicone sex doll ranges from $2,500 to $6,000, which may deter those with limited budgets.
  • RIDINGX's Ultra-Soft Silicone:
    The softness of ultra-soft silicone surpasses that of regular silicone, approaching the softness of TPE. RIDINGX made from ultra-soft silicone provide a tight and gentle grip, elevating your pleasure to new heights.
  • Another standout feature of ultra-soft silicone is its ability to retain detailed body art. This means intricate designs such as veins, freckles, and even delicate areas like the genital region and nipples can be accurately depicted on the doll's skin. The detailed body art on ultra-soft silicone sex dolls remains intact, ensuring a lasting and captivating appearance.
  • What's even more captivating is that our ultra-soft silicone is offered at an unparalleled price in the market. You can enjoy the highest quality silicone material and craftsmanship at half the price of regular silicone dolls, which would normally cost over $1,000. This unbeatable offer is exclusive to RIDINGX!

RIDINGX Male Sex Doll Torso Riding way:

  • We currently offer four interchangeable genital options, including 7-inch and 8-inch dildos, double-ended dildos, and vibrating dildos.
  • The process is incredibly simple—you just need to remove the dildo and replace it with another. Installation is hassle-free, and after use, each dildo can be easily cleaned individually.
  • TOM and Chris are our most popular male torso sex dolls, with the 8-inch dildo option captivating a wide audience. The versatility allows you to experience the dual pleasure of a double dildo, simultaneously engaging your vagina and anus. Enjoy the personalized service of two erotic stars catering to your desires. For those seeking an extra thrill, you can explore our vibrating dildo option.
  • Experience the freedom to customize your pleasure with RIDINGX, where our range of interchangeable dildos and innovative features ensures a satisfying and personalized experience tailored to your desires.

Advantages of the RIDINGX Sex Doll Torso:

  • Safe Five-Toxin Silicone Material:
    The product is made from safe silicone material free from harmful toxins.
  • Replaceable Genital Design for Varied Experiences:
    The design includes replaceable genitalia, allowing users to have a diverse range of experiences.
  • High-Quality Structural Design for Easy Cleaning:
    The torso features a high-quality structural design that facilitates convenient cleaning and disassembly for thorough maintenance.
  • 24-Hour Fast Shipping:
    The product offers rapid 24-hour shipping, with international warehouses stocked in the United States, Europe, and Japan.
  • 90 days Warranty Service:
    90 days warranty service is provided, ensuring customers do not need to worry about potential quality issues and avoiding unnecessary financial concerns.

TPE poses a significant issue | Lily O'Riley's

" it's non-disinfectable, nearly impossible to clean thoroughly, and in the long run, it's not conducive to bodily health. Being porous, you can feel its texture when touched, and these pores mean that if dust adheres to its surface, it can seep into the material. Over time, this could lead to the growth of mold, making it increasingly unreliable for ensuring safety. It's quite unsettling, which is why I now use condoms."

Where To Buy A Quality Male Torso Sex Doll?


Enjoy Riding Sex Doll Torso : riding in many ways, with interchangeable penises, Can be Replaced 7in,8in dildo,double & vibrator dildo.

Silicone safe material: five-toxic and odorless silicone material, can enter the human vagina, will not cause allergies, making you more assured, high-quality silicone material, Will not breed bacteria or cause vaginal infections&The penis will not break.

Featured From Amazon Reviews Of Male Torso Sex Doll

Five star review from Amazon:

  • Jericho : It's super soft and feels pretty close to real on both parts
    I love how it just fits perfectly it's super soft and when I got it I couldn't help but immediately play with it unfortunately I should have done it in moderation considering it shows obvious signs of use quickly but it's not like it's braking just shows how much it can take I recommend this and after this I might go full body with how well this feels not even my SX-Friends made me feel this special like this has after purchase. It's worth buying.

  • John ryals : It's amazing
    This was perfect for me. I can top and bottom, what ever I feel like at the time. Very fulfilling

  • Joseph C Free : Worth It!
    very lifelike and good quality for the money.

  • Dan M:Mind Blowing
    I really wasn’t thinking I was gonna like this. I’ve had a lot of toys disappoint, but right out of the box this thing was a little heavy but so soft. I’m a versatile man and it took 6 min for fireworks. Definitely a must have if you are a fan of playing solo.

One star review from Amazon:

  • TRACIE: Skin is peeling right off
    I’ve had this for less than two months, and this is the second one the first one I returned for the same issue, and this one started peeling almost instantly as well.

    Siobhan C. Nickas:Talcum powder is known for cancer in men and women
    I wish I read more talcum powder is actually related to cancer it was known in Baby powder. Please Do you research and talcum powder and I wish it was a little bit more lightweight because it is heavy and maybe you could also do something about the smell, I will sadly be sending it back because Of the talcum powder being used and I do not want to get cancer.. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!! Plus it really stinks!!

    Athony:Too thin
    I like the concept of this but the rod inside cuts the silicone on insertion. Not pleasant. I was sent a replacement but the same thing happen. Damm. My solution is to add a extention so the head isn't exposed.

    Anonymous Sissy:Doesn't last, don't buy!!
    I used it once, was fine the first time. Wasn't the easiest thing to ride but can't entirely blame the product for that. Upon trying to use it a second time, the metal rod inside the phallus broke through it, as others have stated. I'll just stick to regular dildos, or the real thing from now on.

    Melody Mendenhall:Worthless
    This product ruined my sheets, also was smaller than I expected, and flimsy. Do not waste your time

    The entire thing is like a giant piece of jellow..

RIDINGX focuses on the development of female riding sex doll torsos.

  • We conducted extensive data surveys, examining tens of thousands of reviews from female customers on various platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, and other brand websites. Positive feedback indicates that the male torso sex doll has brought great sexual pleasure, offering a satisfying sexual experience with prompt order delivery, satisfactory product quality, and affordable prices. These aspects appear to fulfill the desires of many consumers.
  • However, negative feedback has also been noted, highlighting issues such as poor product quality, a tendency for the genitalia to bend easily, insufficient hardness, pores and holes in the skin texture, genitalia breakage, unpleasant odors, oil secretion, unsafe materials, dissatisfaction with the size of the genitalia, and difficulties in cleaning and storage. Of course, these are aspects that consumers would prefer not to encounter.
  • It's important for potential buyers to consider both positive and negative reviews when making decisions about purchasing such products, taking into account individual preferences and priorities regarding product features, quality, and safety.

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