RIDINGX - Your premier brand for high-quality male torso sex dolls!


At RIDINGX, we are committed to being a leading brand in premium male torso sex dolls. Our products are based on proprietary designs and crafted from the highest quality silicone material, providing you with a safe and comfortable sexual experience.


We conducted in-depth market research and listened to users' real experiences, concluding that customers tend to prefer products that prioritize quality, safety, and comfort. Therefore, we have chosen silicone as the primary material for our products. Compared to traditional TPE material, silicone is safer and more reliable, ensuring a peace of mind during use。

Tom | 28lb with Noah - 7in & 6in Two Hard Cocks For you

Tom | 28lb with David - 8 Inch Sliding Outer Skin Individual Floating Testicles Dildo

Tom | 28lb with James - 7 Inch Real Soft Feeling Individual Floating Testicles Dildo

RIDINGX's design features stand out with our interchangeable dildo design. Each dildo is meticulously hand-carved, ensuring the exquisite craftsmanship and uniqueness of every piece. We offer a variety of dildo sizes and have incorporated vibration functions for added pleasure and versatility. The vibration unit is replaceable, ensuring uninterrupted usage even if damaged. Moreover, for those seeking diverse sexual experiences, additional dildos can be purchased separately.



6 Inch vibrating Floating Testicles Dildo


8 Inch Sliding Outer Skin Individual Floating Testicles Dildo


7in & 6in Two Hard Cocks For you

In addition to exceptional product design, RIDINGX also provides outstanding service. We maintain a large inventory in the United States and sell through Amazon, ensuring timely delivery of your products. We also offer a 90-day quality guarantee. If any quality issues arise within this period, we will provide free replacement or a 100% refund, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience.

RIDINGX is dedicated to providing you with safe, comfortable, and diverse sexual experiences, allowing you to enjoy every moment of pleasure. Choose RIDINGX today and explore new horizons in sexual satisfaction!