Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women
Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women
Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women
Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women
Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women
Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women
Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women

Chris - 14lb with 7in Dildo For Women | White

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Chris | 14lb Torso Dildo Doll

Chris, we choose the butt shape designed in a standing position and use stronger and thick silicone material to allow women rider to have a better and stable ride. Make your ride unstoppable and uninterrupted. RIDINGX aims in providing real sex riding, so we design hyper realistic dildos with different specifications and functions to let you have more boyfriends.

Ride on a Real Cock

Ridingx Specialties: Satisfy Various Sex Positions

Ridingx dildos are realistic and flexible, featuring lifelike details and the ability to bend at all angles to accommodate a variety of sex positions, providing a realistic touch.

Thick Body: Ridingx Male Torso Sex Doll

Made of 0-degree soft silicone material. It offers a balance between firmness and softness, allowing you to experience the muscular thighs of a real man, giving you a thick and reliable feeling of security.

Get Real Oral Sex

Body Safe
Silicone dildos allow for oral sex without any odor or risk of bacteria, ensuring a safe experience.


Use alone
Each R Dildo can be used individually because Ridingx is a removable design, and each R Dildo has a strong suction cup that can be attached to any flat surface, floors, tiles, glass, meaning you can use it in the bathroom and bathtub For internal use.

Select Other X dildo

(Replaceable Dildo- Experience More)

David 8in Big Dildo

Shop David

James 7in Real Dildo

Shop James

Shop Noah

Shop Noah

Chris with Noah - 7in & 6in double Hard Cocks

Noah,Yes, I heard someone calling their name, he came from the mysterious world, he had two penises. If he is your sexual partner, imagine that you want to ride on him in a quiet night? Enjoy the dual passion of penis and anal sex at the same time.

Shop Noah

Chris with David - 8 Inch Sliding Outer Skin Individual Floating Testicles Dildo

David , For Rider who love big cocks, this one is a gift from God. It also uses a new tech, the foreskin sliding structure. Like James, there is no metal rod inside, which can 100% guarantee your safety. Due to the special structure of David, we recommend that you replace it with a new David after one month of use. The new David can always satisfy your orgasm.

Shop David

RIDINGX Sex Doll Torso Advantages

 Real Feeling | Real Skin | Best Quality

Replaceable Dildo 90 Days Warranty Not Easy to Break 
Easy to Clean Easy to Sterilized Not Easy to Breed Bacteria
Silicone Material No Smell Real Cock Skin Design

Ridingx Double layer silicone Dildo

Thick inside, soft outside

Inferior TPE Material

Unsafe design

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Curves just right.

I didn’t know what to expect from this toy. But it’s great! The ‘member’ is very flexible so you can curve it or shape it however fits you best. Definitely recommend. I


I love the feel of it, skin-like. It has great weight to it, it’ll hit that 💦💦 spot if you use it the right way 😉

He’s my new man and I call him Mr.Good time lol

I would definitely buy it again and recommend it.

Good weight and feel to it

Happy with my purchase. It exceeded my expectations. Firm where it needs to be and has a lifelike feel and bounce.

Ryan M

Worth every dollar! Feels like real skin and the weight is nice. Highly recommend!


This thing is exactly as the picture, super soft and life like, the D is amazing, super soft but firm enough to use however you want, perfect size if you like big or small, details are super life like. The butt is super nice, feels like the real thing and very nice to smack and grip. The hole itself feels just like you’d want it to, definitely gonna be using this thing a lot!

Maintenance Tips:

Store Your Doll Properly: When not in use, store your doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid folding or compressing the doll's body

Water-based lubricants : Highly recommend to use water-based lubricants only.

Avoid Sharp Objects: Be careful when handling your doll to avoid contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces.

Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect your doll for any signs of damage/ tears or discoloration

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep your doll away from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.