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Length 7-3/8″ | Circumference 7″ | Diameter 2-1/4”

Introducing Vincent, the ultimate pleasure companion. This 7-inch vibrating dildo, made from premium soft platinum silicone, features 10 powerful vibration modes and USB rechargeability. Its lifelike design ensures a real sex experience and it bends 360 degrees for unrestricted use. Compatible with Tom, Chris, and Justin, Vincent offers versatility and intense orgasms. Enjoy discreet packaging and fast shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Denise Arndt

Okay , here's the pickle on this pickle.. I am a woman who struggles with sensation after having children and recently have found this adult toy amazing for sensation. What I mean is the modes, both vibration and thrusting are amazing, controllable and almost euphoric.

Turn on both modes, try one at a time, play with the modes and find your sensation. All I gotta say is be prepared cause Woah.

From the realistic look, to the control of your toy with a clicker there is not much left to say but go ahead and enjoy yourself.

The vibration alone is amazing, powerful but not over powering. Enjoyable is an understatement.
Throw in some thrusting for a real good intimate session.

Having a hard time reaching climax, I definitely got there in record time and was astounded at the effortless ease at which it came.


Great, exactly what is needed

Rose Black
This thing is amazing!

I love it I’ve never felt so good when it came to using the speed it’s fast and the way I like it. It’s very durable and flexible.It’s huge and feels and looks so lifelike. Would buy again! The battery lasts quite some time.